The many hats we wear

Written on December 13, 2011 by in Artistry & inspiration

"Love Who You Are" by Lisa Ferrante

Have you noticed how many of the inspiring women featured in our free guide, The Inspired Way, wear multiple hats? These amazing women are authors, coaches and artists; photographers, yoginis and founders of inspirational workshops…and that’s just in their professional lives. For many of them, you could also add the titles of wife, mom and more.

Not that long ago, I would have seen their multiple monikers as evidence of an inability to focus. I would have said, “Who gets to be an author, medicine woman, yoga instructor, photographer and artist? That must mean she’s not doing any of those things well.” And yet, the more I learn and the more inspiring women I meet, the more I realize that these women — those who’ve carved their own niche and play to all of their strengths — are not only the most successful, but they are also the most fulfilled. They refuse to subjugate one area of their spirit or skill-set in order to fit societal norms or others’ expectations.

This was a huge aha! for me, one that is changing the way I see myself and the world. So, don’t be surprised if I declare that I’m an artist and photographer, business coach and fundraising consultant for artists, writer, yogini and zumba instructor-to-be during the next year. It’s all happening… (well, maybe not the zumba instructor part just yet, but anything is possible). Believe it.

What hats are you wearing, or newly embracing in 2012?


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  1. Laurie
    December 24, 2011

    Working a full time job just for a paycheck and now insurance since Hubby retired. It’s killing me! I am bursting at the seams to create. I’ve been working on this for quite a few years. Spent 2011 taking on-line courses for my photography and learning PhotoShop. Made alot of progress. My dream is to retire at 55 when Hubby goes on Medicare at 65. But I need to be able to justify the loss of income and purchase health insurance. Hubby is all for me retiring early but he also is very budget conscious.
    I am finding so many wonderful women here in blogworld. I want to take all their classes, get all their coaching, but it’s not feasible financially. So I am searching for my mentor/s and hoping to find my niche.
    Right now the hats I wear are Gardener, Photographer, beginning Mixed Media ‘Artist’, returning to Glass-beginning Abrasive Glass ‘Artist’, Guardian of Gabby cat, Hamlin the cockatiel, and Tealy, Blue, Cricket, and Tweety, the parkeets, Mother, step-mom/friend, Daughter, step-daughter, Wife, step-mother, step-grandmother, Apparel Clerk and Embroiderer, Knitter, and Reader. I love and embrace all, don’t meet up to expectations of some, and some don’t meet up to mine.
    Hubby would call my hat “Multiple Tasker” – for me, that’s the only way to get anything done in this lifetime. But it’s time to slow down, take a deep breath, before I hurt myself (any more).
    Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. Thank you for me finding this post and spilling this out, apparently it needed wings. I think I’ll use this as a post on my blog. :)

    • Kate Watson
      January 3, 2012

      Hi Laurie: Thanks for the comment and welcome! I know the feeling — there are SO many interesting courses out there but, having taken many, I know that they can result in information overload that can interfere with your own path of creation and self-discovery. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time to slow down, reflect and figure out what’s most important for you. Happy New Year!

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