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Written on November 24, 2011 by in Artistry & inspiration

Gratitude (c)Corinna Luyken, via Etsy

Today, as Americans pause to express gratitude for our blessings, I’d like to share what I am most grateful for:

Having loving, supportive friends and family

When I think about what I am most grateful for these days, it always comes back to having friends and family who care.

Two weeks ago, I began training to become a court-appointed special advocate (CASA), a volunteer position working with and advocating for abused and neglected children. Those who know me best will know that I have felt called to this population for years. In fact, Brian and I are considering foster-adoption one day.  On Monday, as part of my training, I attended a court proceeding during which it was decided that a young girl couldn’t return home this Thanksgiving, for her own safety.

Those of us who are able to spend time this holiday with loving friends or family are so blessed! We often think of the holidays and family visits as obligations, but today I would like to express gratitude for having people in my life that genuinely care about me, and with whom I feel safe and supported. Not everyone is so lucky. Thank you, friends and family!

And because expressing gratitude to all of my friends and family at one time seems insufficient, I have a few people for whom I’m particularly grateful today:

My husband

Since returning to California, I have been doing a lot of soul searching about next steps. Would I return to professional photography, focus on Art Aligned, or reenter the traditional workforce? My ability to take the necessary time to make these decisions is due solely to the beneficence of my husband, Brian, who is ensuring that we’re housed and fed, and who says that he just wants me to be happy, whatever I decide. Although no one is perfect, Brian is just about perfect for me. So, thank you, love!


A couple of weeks ago, I emailed my friend Corinne that I had a “desperate desire to photograph love,” and asked if she and her baby girl were available, like, immediately. She said, “Sure, come on by!” and, as a result, my photographic recovery progressed one more step. Photographing Corinne and Phippslette (baby girl) gave me the opportunity to enjoy the process of connecting with my photography subjects and helped me to appreciate the experience as much as, if not more than, the results.

A special shout out here to Alan, who impressed upon me the importance of enjoying the experience of photography and letting go of the need for perfect results. 


My new friend, Ariane, who I “met” through a course we took together earlier this year. Ariane has a lovely and generous spirit, and I am so happy to be collaborating with her on a free guide that will be launched in January. Details coming soon, I promise.

Dani & Mike

And one more special thanks to Dani & Mike, who moved this week, but who are still opening up their home to host Thanksgiving dinner tonight. You are miracles. Crazy, but also miracles. ;-)

I am deeply grateful to all of my family and friends, and wish everyone reading this a beautiful, peaceful, love-filled day.


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  1. Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae
    November 24, 2011

    What a great reminder, Kate! Thanks for sharing about your experience in court. It really does put things into a new perspective.

    Yeah, my Hubs says the same things that Brain says to you. We’re so fortunate!!! *high 5’s to the Hubs*
    Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae recently posted..Are you asking, “What should I do?”

  2. Kate Watson
    November 28, 2011

    I thought about you when I wrote about my court experience, Cassandra, and I think of you often as I move toward working with teens for CASA. I know that parenting is an interesting journey, and I also remember how blessed you’ve been on the whole. *high 5s to the Will*

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