Photo Friday: June & Johnny

Written on October 14, 2011 by in Artistry & inspiration

En route to our new home in Redwood City, California, Brian and I drove through Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I adore Santa Fe! There’s something magical about the environment and, with hundreds of galleries, how could I resist it? One of my favorite stops this trip was Andrew Smith Gallery, which represents more than 100 photographic artists. It’s also where you can see a wide range of historical and contemporary work on display.

In one of the upstairs rooms, I stumbled across Annie Leibovitz‘s 2001 portrait of June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash, taken in June’s hometown of Hiltons, Virginia. Isn’t it beautiful? There’s something so intimate and poignant here, two of my favorite qualities in photography:

Copyright 2001, Annie Leibovitz

Although I’m uncertain whether this image is considered part of Annie’s commercial or personal work—I’m assuming it’s commercial due to the subject matter—I feel like what she’s said about her personal work applies here:

“It’s the most intimate. It tells the best story, and I care about it. You don’t get the opportunity to do this kind of work except with people who you love; people who will put up with you. They’re the people who open their hearts and souls and lives to you.”

For more inspiration from Annie, check out her book, At Work, which tells the story of her photography career and sessions in her own words. It’s fascinating. In fact, I think she says it all:

“The book is more emotional than I had imagined it would be. But, most importantly, it is my edit. No one is going to care about, or understand, your work the way you do, and if you are going to explain it you have to be able to present it the way you want to.”

Happy Friday,

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