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kate watson

Kate Watson, Art Aligned founder

As a professional photographer, I’ve enjoyed a lot of success — and some abysmal failures.

Over the years, I’ve noticed a surprising pattern: my biggest flops were the direct result of listening to well-intentioned business advice. Tips from colleagues and consultants. Strategies from lauded experts. Tricks of the trade from industry icons. Formulas. Tactics. Recipes.

I “best practiced” my art and my business to the point of burnout. And then, during an around-the-world adventure with my husband, I realized the messy misalignment: by adopting other people’s strategies for success, I was ignoring my own unique gifts, abilities and artistic impulses. I wasn’t designing my ideal photography business — I was accepting a facsimile of somebody else’s.

Here’s the truth: when it comes to making a living through your art, there are no rules. No shoulds, or must-dos, or don’t-even-think-about-its. You can spin your wheels for years, trying to outmaneuver your competition with “tried-and-true” marketing and sales tactics, and the latest and greatest actions and templates. Or you can play to your strengths, celebrate your gifts, and take command of your business, as only you can.

Tapping into your true strengths can be tricky – like trying to use a telephoto lens when you’re too close to your subject, everything goes blurry. Our innate talents come so naturally to us that we forget what they are – one-of-a-kind gifts that no one else on earth possesses. Having an unbiased advisor can reframe your perspective and sharpen your focus, so you can finally see your strengths, and incorporate them into your art and your business.

With Art Aligned, I’ve synthesized my combined experience as a multi-million dollar fundraiser, consultant to nonprofits and small businesses, and award-winning photographer into a supportive education platform for photographers and visual artists.

I’m thrilled to offer 1:1 sessions and small-group workshops, as well as gifts + guides. I hope you’ll keep exploring as I add fresh offerings and services.

If you’d like to connect with me directly, I’m highly accessible, online and off.

Email: kate[at]katewatson[dot]net
Twitter: @KateWatson
Voicemail: (650)206-8882

You get more than a breathtaking finished product from Kate. She puts her heart and soul into each project and gives each client respect, love, and whatever amount of attention the task requires."

Ashley Diette
photography client
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