MariaRoss-200x200“I hired Kate as a photographer for the San Francisco CRAVE book, highlighting stylish women entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. I worked with her remotely and was impressed with her work ethic: She was diligent, quick-thinking and her final work captured just the right vibe we wanted. In working with her on Art Aligned, she is one of the most complete business thinkers about brand strategy I have ever worked with: Kate gets it, when it comes to differentiation and value for a specific target audience. Through her own experience as well as her business savvy, Kate shows other artists how to start with their true artistic passion and work outwards toward a strong, profitable, differentiated business position.” — Maria Ross, Founder and Chief Strategist, Red Slice, LLC

Reviews for 1:1 Sessions

katarinakri-200x200“Kate, I’d like to tell you that, thanks to you, I’ve finally started to believe in my work, vision and abilities. I only found what it is that I want to — and can do — a few years ago, so I’ve been dealing with massive perfectionism, information overload, self-deprecation, obsessive competition checking and comparison… Now, for the first time, I know where I’m going and it all feels like I’ve cleaned my windows and opened them to let the fresh breeze in. I suddenly feel confident, good enough, and willing to work harder than ever. It’s not just because of your kind words and encouragement. You really know what you’re doing and you do it damn well, and that’s so inspiring. Thank you so much. I know I’ll be booking your 1:1s regularly in the future.”
— Katarina Krizanovicova, Katarina K. Photography

cassandrarae-200x200“Kate, I’m really grateful for you. You’ve been such an incredible support through this process. I would never have done the things you suggested through your program had you not been there. I am so grateful for you giving me the space to hear my own voice. I have done a lot of self-development work and worked with a lot of coaches, and you are one of the best. Your style is so different and you put forth your assertions so clearly and well-articulated. By connecting with you, I went to really deep places within myself that I hadn’t gone to with other coaches. I needed the balance of mind and heart-centered approach. Because you lead more with your head, you created a laboratory to allow difficult emotions to come up for me. I am a raving fan, and would encourage everyone to work with you.”Cassandra Rae

kikimurai-200x200I have never seen a person single-handedly turn a campaign around like @katewatson. Kate, you’re a generous genius. THANK YOU. You taught us that fundraising itself is an ART.”Kiki Murai, of Herb & Dorothy 50×50





Reviews for Art Aligned Workshop

cindystansberry-200x200The insight and critique Kate offers in the Art Aligned workshop is like no other. Because she has spent so much time and effort viewing and analyzing not only photography, but so many different types of art, I felt like I could completely trust her judgment and insight into my personal work. 

Her critique was helpful and always accompanied with guidance on how to take the next step. Kate helped me narrow my focus and style of photography and helped me see my own work in a different way. I also appreciated her emphasis on truly finding what inspires us.” — Cindy Stansberry, Stansberry Photography



brookrobinson-200x200“Through the exercises of the Art Aligned workshop, I discovered a great deal about myself in terms of my style and brand. Kate was an excellent leader and facilitator! She is very wise and definitely in tune with the industry. She also made every effort to understand me and my business; she really invested in me.

The combination of her keen business sense and understanding of my business enabled her to make astute observations and provide invaluable advice and suggestions specific to me. It was very clear that Kate truly wants to see me succeed.” — Brook Robinson, Brook Robinson Photography


meghan-liddle-200x200“Working with Kate via the Art Aligned workshop was a wonderful process for me. I think so often as busy photographers we get so caught up in the day-to-day running of the business and forget to stop and review our art and how we define ourselves, something I think is so crucial as an artist. The workshop allowed me to reexamine my art and my style and determine what I truly loved in terms of my approach to photography.

Kate is incredibly knowledgable about the photography industry and has the background to provide amazing guidance around both the art and business of photography. — Meghan Liddle, Meghan Liddle Photography


“Kate was incredibly helpful throughout the whole duration of this course. I couldn’t recommend it more. Very satisfied.”

claudinegossett-200x200“The Art Aligned Workshop was a sweet opportunity. I got a lot out of it, self-discovery wise. I went into it thinking it would be nuts and bolts business, but really it’s a much more full-bodied experience about getting in touch with your motivations and vision for your work.

You’re offering people a way to find their voice. It is a unique and very special gift you give people, Kate. You bridge an amazing set of worlds—creative and business. That’s an unusual talent.
— Claudine Gossett, Claudine Photo



pernillapersson-200x200“The Art Alignment Workshop carefully chooses exercises, quizzes and lectures to help you understand what sparks your creativity and, in turn, helps you to establish your own brand. Kate was amazingly supportive while I discovered myself and dealt with my insecurities. I knew that in order to run a successful business I would need strong dedication. However, I learned that when joy and passion are put into your business, you are able to deliver a quality service and sustain long-term success. With Kate’s guidance I found the courage to believe in my art. Today I am taking small steps to a career within the fine arts. Thank you so much Kate for your advice!”
Pernilla Persson

bettienewell-200x200“2011 was a year of transition and portfolio building for me. The Art Aligned workshop arrived at my door just as I was setting out to write my business plan. Although the course is designed for established professional photographers, Kate not only allowed me to participate but she also embraced me at the current stage of my business. Her encouragement and perspective helped me hone in on my strengths and come up with a clear vision for branding. Kate was a valuable member of my team, someone who took the time to really look at my work and listen to my concerns. I’m looking forward to implementing many of the things I learned about myself and my art to create a business that brings me happiness and a steady stream of income.” — Bettie Newell, Little Paper Cities


“These are fantastic exercises for photographers to go through and think about.”

Reviews for Art Aligned Self-Study Guide [for Photographers]

ariane-hunter-200x200Art Aligned [for Photographers] is a wonderfully written guide to help photographers of all levels to not only create a sustainable business model but also to incorporate tools for thoughtful introspection in their lives and businesses. Kate’s warm and detailed approach helps you master your craft and clarify your unique brand message in an authentic way. If you want a quick and easy way to grow your photography business, this is NOT the course for you. Success comes from the inside out and this course is specifically designed to help you create your best work and have fun doing it. Thank you, Kate, for creating this invaluable resource!” 
— Ariane Hunter,


kate-mackinnon-200x200“Art Aligned is not just a “business manual” or a “how-to” book. It is a guide on how to help any photographer uncover his or her passions, and create a unique business that truly resonates with clients and self alike. On this self discovery process, Ms. Watson helps break down not only elusive business concepts such as “marketing” and “branding,” but she also helps photography business owners avoid costly blunders that are so common within the industry. If a reader is willing to go on the journey, he or she will come out on the other side with a business that can be successful for years to come. I highly recommend this book! — Kate MacKinnon, Clinton MacKinnon Photography

Kate, I am a raving fan, and would encourage everyone to work with you."

Cassandra Rae
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