January Art Social: Vision boards

Written on January 30, 2012 by in Artistry & inspiration

Some gal pals and I recently formed the Ladies Art Social, a monthly event where we get together, drink adult beverages, eat goodies, gossip, and get crafty. Our inaugural project was vision boards (what else to start 2012?!). 

We began with square or rectangular canvases. We tore through magazines—my go-to was O—and ripped out anything that inspired us. Some of us had themes for our vision boards, some didn’t. My focus was 2012 in general. Tina focused on abundance. Krista, a single lady in our married midst, mind-mapped her ideal relationship. 

It was so interesting to see how we each approached the task and how our results varied. Some ladies filled their canvas with words; some hand-wrote messages and drew pictures; others used fabrics and color. Some worked completely intuitively, placing things as inspiration flew, while others had an overall concept or structure in mind before starting. 

A friend of mine had recently told me about a feng-shui vision-board workshop she’d attended, so I decided to try that. I divided my square canvas into nine areas, based on the feng shui bagua map:

(c) Energizing Success Stories

In the center, I put things for which I was grateful, including a great group of girlfriends, my husband and marriage, and grace and intuition. Around the outside, I used the baguas to guide my choices, selecting images of places I’d like to go for “helpful people & travel;” images of meditation, healthy body image and positive mental states for “health & family;” and (spoiler alert!) a camera and documentary photograph for “career.” In other areas, namely wealth and reputation, I wasn’t drawn to standard images of prosperity or fame. Instead, I chose vibrant colors suggestive of those baguas—mainly reds and pinks—and left it open to interpretation. I guess 2012 isn’t a year for me to stress about wealth and reputation. I have a lot more clarity in other areas, and my intuition tells me that’s ok, for now.

Here is my completed vision board:

My friend, Jody, was also kind enough to share hers with you, about which she said: “I was inspired by having a visual representation of the goals and affirmations I need in this time of my life.”

So, if you’re looking for some clarity for 2012, or just need an art outlet, vision boards are simple and fun. And, while you’re at it, why not form your own Ladies Art Social? You deserve a monthly girls’ night and a creative outlet beyond your typical day-to-day responsibilities. 


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