Inspiration + Portfolio Review

Need help figuring out what makes you unique in the ever-more-crowded marketplace? Not sure that your photographic specialty is the right one for you? Want to find your one-of-a-kind style?

Think of me as your personal style consultant.

What’s an Inspiration + Portfolio Review?

Quite simply, it’s:

  1. a review of what inspires you,
  2. an in-depth analysis of your innate shooting and post-processing tendencies, and
  3. two brainstorming/consulting sessions to help you define and refine your style

What happens during this review?

You complete a short questionnaire about yourself and your business. Next you collect things that inspire you—I will send you plenty of guidance to get started—and we meet by phone to discuss themes, connections, and ways to incorporate your personal inspirations into your portfolio.

In the meantime, I scour your portfolio to identify your shooting and processing tendencies, personal strengths, and potential areas for growth. Then, we meet by phone again to discuss how your inspirations and portfolio align, and how to best bring more of what inspires you into your work.

What will you take away?

  • Actionable suggestions to incorporate what fuels you into your style

  • Practical solutions to refine your natural photographic tendencies—to cultivate a style that’s unmistakably you

  • Recordings of each call

  • Unlimited email support for one month

For a limited time, get a FREE copy of the Art Aligned Self-Study Guide with your purchase ($137 value).

cindystansberry-200x200The insight and critique Kate offers is like no other. 

Because she has spent so much time and effort viewing and analyzing not only photography, but so many different types of art, I felt like I could completely trust her judgment and insight into my personal work. 

Her critique was helpful and always accompanied with guidance on how to take the next step.”
— Cindy Stansberry, Stansberry Photography

Kate, I am a raving fan, and would encourage everyone to work with you."

Cassandra Rae
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