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I’m committed to providing high-impact guides that won’t clutter up your desktop — or your mind.

This resource section is full of hand-selected offerings — created by me, and people I respect. You won’t find cookie-cutter business advice. You will find provocative questions, thoughtful perspectives, and a few surprises to make you smile.

The Inspired Way

The Inspired Way began with a question, “What is the key ingredient to living an inspired, purpose-driven life?” The result is a beautiful collection of inspiration and insight for living your ideal life from 22 creative women, including me. Inside, you’ll find stories and words of hope, support, encouragement and, most of all, wisdom. Download a free copy at

Art Aligned Self-Study Guide [For Photographers]

If you’re tired of following other people’s advice and using their tools, tactics, and templates, this guide will help you free your mind, find your own brand of success, and take a stand for your viewpoint. Art Aligned is a 25,000-word, 120-page workshop-in-a-book to help wedding and portrait photographers align their art, lives, and businesses for success…authentically.



Kate is one of the most complete business thinkers about brand strategy I have ever worked with: She gets it, when it comes to differentiation and value for a specific target audience."

Maria Ross
Founder and Chief Strategist
Red Slice, LLC
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