For the love of art: Wisdom from Herb & Dorothy

Written on November 1, 2011 by in Artistry & inspiration

Today, I’d like to offer hearty congratulations to my friends over at Herb & Dorothy 50×50! They met and surpassed their fundraising goal last night, four whole days early. Thanks to everyone who contributed and/or ensured that word of this great new documentary film got out. I am very thankful for your support.

Over the weekend, I shared the original film, Herb & Dorothy, with my mom, who was visiting from Florida. Watching it again, I was reminded of all the little quotes I’d written down on my first viewing, none of which I’ve shared with you yet. So, in honor of Megumi & Kiki’s fundraising success, I’d like to share them now. Here are a few by the Vogels about art and collecting:

Herbert & Dorothy Vogel at "The Gates, Central Park, NYC" installation by Christo & Jeanne-Claude

“I always feel that anybody could have these ideas, but to actually do it is quite a miracle.” ~ Dorothy Vogel, about Christo and Jeanne-Claude‘s installation of “The Gates

“People like big. It’s easier to see.” ~ Herb Vogel, about Richard Tuttle’s small-scale work

“I never thought that the artists we collected in those days would become so famous. That wasn’t a goal for us. We bought [art] because we liked the work and when [the artists we bought] get recognition, we sort of share their joy.” ~ Dorothy Vogel

“Above all of the rewards we got from collecting art is knowing the artists and understanding them.” ~ Dorothy Vogel

Talk about true love and passion for art and the artists behind it. No wonder artists collected by the Vogels were so generous to them. How often do you encounter patrons with such a clear joy in and appreciation for the beauty you bring to the world? I wish that kind of support for everyone reading this blog today.

Speaking of artists, here are a few things they’ve said about the Vogels and their collection:

“[The Vogels are] making a work of art. To ask them to sell a piece of their collection would be like asking me to cut off a square yard of this painting.” ~ Lucio Pozzi

“Most of us go through the world never seeing anything. Then you meet somebody like Herb and Dorothy, who have eyes that see. Something goes from the eye to the soul without going through the brain.” ~ Richard Tuttle

“I think every culture needs a Vogels…somebody who’s more than willing to participate in the growing of a culture and does it as if they were just part of the street life.” ~ Lawrence Weiner

I agree, Lawrence. The Vogels have done tremendous things for artists and for modern art in America, and now everyone who supported Herb & Dorothy 50×50 has contributed to their legacy. Thank you, again, to everyone who supported the film! If you haven’t yet, and would like to, head over to the Kickstarter project and make a donation today. The project closes this Saturday at midnight ET.

I’ll leave you with a teaser of Herb & Dorothy 50×50, the next installment, which I hope will be filled with many more interesting tidbits about art, passion, collecting and the Vogels:

Oh, and one more thought: The Vogels are ordinary people who accomplished the extraordinary by diligently pursuing their passion. I think we can all learn something from that. I know I have…


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