August Art Social: Soap making

Written on August 31, 2012 by in Artistry & inspiration

Soap making was the focus of our August art social. We gathered at Opal’z Soap in Palo Alto for an easy-breezy evening of art. The owner, Annie, served as our instructor.

The second floor of Opal'z is a great space for classes

Our focus was primarily soap design, starting with vegetable glycerin soap instead of lye. We filled clear, plastic trays with natural materials, including small colored soaps, seeds, oats and more, added coloring and scents, and then we poured it into the trays.

My soap molds in progress

The evening was so chill that we got a little silly. Here I pretend to add wine to my soap while Tina looks on.

My finished soaps

Have you ever made soap? Either from the cold-process or the lightweight, just-for-fun process we did?

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