Art Aligned Guide [for photographers]

AA-coverReady to take a stand for your artistic vision and translate it into a profitable business position? Well, let’s go then.

Art Aligned: Align your art, life, and business for success is a workshop in a book.

It is a self-paced study guide that leads you step-by-step through the process of creating a photography business that’s authentically aligned with you—from your heart and mind to your artistic style, brand, and marketing plan. Through 120 pages of juicy, thought-provoking content and 18 soul-searching exercises, you receive clear instructions to craft your vision statement, hone your distinct style, and communicate a consistent brand that will set you apart from everyone else in the marketplace.

In Art Aligned, I’ll share with you:

  • Why differentiation is critical in business
  • How you set the groundwork for success—on your terms
  • How fear can stand in your way and what to do about it
  • The definitive answer to “how do I stand out from my competition?”
  • How to craft a style that will truly be your own
  • Why branding is not your key differentiator
  • What branding really is, and how to do it effectively
  • How to communicate your unique value
  • Bottom line: How to create a business that serves you as well as it serves your clients

Part self-reflection, part meditation, and all excellent business guidance, Kate Watson’s Art Aligned provides a roadmap to success. Her brutally honest assessment of the photographic industry is spot-on, and a wake-up call to all photographers. Newcomers to the field and veterans alike will benefit from her well-crafted curriculum, which helps guide participants through a journey of self-reflection. The ultimate goal of Art Aligned is to help photographers achieve “authentic differentiation.” In a world of copycat artists and a race to the bottom of the pricing scale, Kate’s guide will help you tell the story of your business, and stand out in your marketplace. Art Aligned is an honest, experienced, and wise companion to guide you to professional success and spiritual fulfillment.

- Dawn Tacker, Eos Photography, Co-founder Greener Photography


Your download will include:

  • A beautifully designed, 25,000-word workshop-in-a-book chock full of soul-searching exercises
  • A printable exercise workbook, including editable forms in case you prefer typing to handwriting
  • One hour of audio, featuring a client’s actual Inspiration and Portfolio Reviews, to help you better understand these two critical assignments
  • Transcripts of the audio recordings

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Kate, WOW! You’ve outdone yourself. I cannot tell you how amazing your idea is and how transformative I’m sure your program will be for so many photographers looking to start/grow their photography businesses! Bravo!!

Sisters, if you’re looking to start a photo business or rethink/redefine/reevaluate the one you’ve got, then Art Aligned has got the guide for you! 


- Tracey Clark, photographer, author, mom and founder of shutter sisters



Art Aligned is not just a “business manual” or a “how-to” book. It is a guide on how to help any photographer uncover his or her passions, and create a unique business that truly resonates with clients and self alike. On this self discovery process, Ms. Watson helps break down not only elusive business concepts such as “marketing” and “branding,” but she also helps photography business owners avoid costly blunders that are so common within the industry. If a reader is willing to go on the journey, he or she will come out on the other side with a business that can be successful for years to come. I highly recommend this book!

- Kate MacKinnon, Clinton MacKinnon Photography


denise-olson 200x200 

I invested in Art Aligned because I was at a point in my career where things were getting frustrating, especially with regard to work-life balance, the way I was doing business, and wondering why prospective clients were hiring people down the street instead of me. Basically, I was on the brink of boxing up my camera and putting it away. 

As I worked through the Art Aligned home-study course, the “You” section was the hardest for me. It asks you to delve into who you are innately. I found it hard to see what makes “me” me. But if you don’t know who you are, how do you know what will work best for you business- and life-wise? 

My aha! moment came in Chapter 4, Taking a Stand for Your Vision. From a personal perspective, I realized that I need to work a set number of hours each morning and spend quality time with my kids in the afternoon. I envisioned better work-life balance, which is BIG! For my work, my vision is to create images that document moments in time, to create a story that can be cherished for a lifetime. This came as a result of realizing what I want most in the photos taken of my own children — I give my clients what I want most as a mom.

Going through the Art Aligned home-study course really made me think about my business and my struggles in honoring my talent, marketing, and life-balance needs. It made me realize that I don’t need to shoot for quantity to get business. I am now driving for quality and finding the right clients. As a result, I’m happier, I have more time for my family and my life, and I’ve learned to establish set work hours — like a real job! If something doesn’t get done today, it will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

Moving forward I’m feeling more confident and relaxed. I’m neither super excited nor stressed out; I’m neutral and content. I’m approaching my business from a place of personal strength and confidence in what I offer (and what I don’t). Next, I’m revamping my website. 

Kate is the best! If you’re struggling with changes in the photography industry, buy this.

- Denise Marie Olson,
Professional member, Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers’ Society of New York State, and National Association Professional Child Photographers. Former Board Member, Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area.



Art Aligned [for Photographers] is a wonderfully written guide to help photographers of all levels to not only create a sustainable business model but also to incorporate tools for thoughtful introspection in their lives and businesses. Kate’s warm and detailed approach helps you master your craft and clarify your unique brand message in an authentic way. If you want a quick and easy way to grow your photography business, this is NOT the course for you. Success comes from the inside out and this course is specifically designed to help you create your best work and have fun doing it.

Thank you Kate for creating this invaluable resource!

- Ariane Hunter,

Art Aligned will help any photographer uncover his or her passions, and create a unique business that truly resonates with clients and self alike. If a reader is willing to go on the journey, he or she will come out on the other side with a business that can be successful for years to come. I highly recommend this book!"

Kate MacKinnon
Clinton MacKinnon Photography
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