Alignment Audit

Wouldn’t you love an audit?

(It may be called an audit, but it’s an Alignment Audit, and it’s a lot more fun!)

What’s an “alignment audit,” you ask? Well, it’s an in-depth study of you that we perform together to align you and your business synergistically so that you can create more of your unique brand of success. During up to six sessions (you decide how many), we work together to discover:

  • Who you are and how you want to live your life
  • What inspires you to do what you do
  • What beauty you want to bring to the world through your work
  • Your voice, your style—and how to find and cultivate both
  • Who you serve and how you serve them
  • How well your art, life, and business work together, and how you can bring them into better alignment
pernillapersson-200x200 Kate was amazingly supportive while I discovered myself and dealt with my insecurities. I knew that in order to run a successful business I would need strong dedication. However, I learned that when joy and passion are put into your business, you are able to deliver a quality service and sustain long-term success. With Kate’s guidance I found the courage to believe in my art.
Pernilla Persson, Fine Art Photographer

What happens during this audit?

You complete a simple but sophisticated questionnaire to help me better understand who you are, your business goals and dreams, and any potential issues deflecting your efforts.

Then we schedule a preview call (can be via Skype or phone) to discuss the process outline, and to see if we’re a good fit to work together. If we are, great! You make the choice to proceed and decide the pace—from once per week to monthly, or we let it vary based on how things progress (up to six months total).

What will you gain?

  • An understanding of how your lifestyle and personal goals control your business decisions
  • A clear vision and strategy for your work
  • Clarity on your style and voice—and how that influences everything you do
  • What your brand is—and how that drives your creative and operational decisions
  • Who are your target clients, how to find them, and how to best work with them
  • Customized recommendations for your business—from financial management to client relations to marketing—that serve you and your clients
  • Recordings of all sessions, and a written summary of recommendations after our last session to refer back to and guide implementation.
  • A FREE copy of the Art Aligned Self-Study Guide ($137 value)

Across six sessions, we’ll revolutionize your business and bring you closer to living your ideal brand of success.


My risk-reversal policy: I’m here to educate, inspire, and serve, so that you can become a profitable and successful business owner. Use the link above to schedule a free preview call. If at the end of our preview call you feel we’re not a good match or that my style won’t yield actionable results for you, you’re under zero obligation to continue. If, however, you’re excited to begin, I’ll send you an invoice and we’ll schedule our first session.

katarinakri-200x200 Thanks to you, I’ve finally started to believe in my work, vision and abilities. I suddenly feel confident, good enough, and willing to work harden than ever. It’s not just because of your kind words and encouragement. You really know what you’re doing and you do it damn well, and that’s so inspiring. ~ Katarina Krizanovicova

Kate is incredibly knowledgeable about the photography industry and has the background to provide amazing guidance around both the art and business of photography."

Meghan Liddle
Portrait Photographer
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