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Happy Generosity Day!

Yesterday, I received an email from Global Giving about “Generosity Day.” I know it is a marketing ploy to encourage donations through a rebrand of Valentine’s Day but, frankly, I agree with it. I love […]

Feb, 14

I’m in PPMag!

Last fall, I announced to my newsletter subscribers that a major photography magazine had asked me to write for them. At the time, I didn’t want to jinx anything by announcing the name of the […]

Feb, 03

The Inspired Way is coming…

The Inspired Way is launching this week! Can you believe it? Although it’s been almost five months since this brainchild was sparked, time and progress really have flown by. Ariane Hunter and I met online during […]

Jan, 04

Need inspiration? How to find your inspired life

How do you live an inspired, purpose-driven life? A lot of people talk about finding your passion or living a life filled with purpose, but have you ever wondered how they really do it, or […]

Dec, 06

Help a girl, change the world

Most of the folks who read this blog are women, so today I’m going to talk about something near and dear to all of our hearts: the well-being of girls and young women around the […]

Oct, 04

O’Keeffe to Stieglitz: On preferring others’ work

“You will probably laugh when I tell you that I like your photographs of my drawings—much better than I do the drawings—I have been very much amused at the way I enjoy looking at them—really […]

Sep, 06

Art Aligned Workshop for Photographers

Are you sick and tired of doing everything you’re “supposed to do” to grow your business? Do you wish you could do what speaks to you and make a good living? Hi, I’m Kate Watson […]

Apr, 19

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The Inspired Way
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