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It’s Not About You [Guest post]

I wrote in my earlier guest post, “It’s All About You,” that the key to creative freedom is to disregard external motivations and listen only to what you want. That’s true, but it’s only part […]

Sep, 20

It’s All About You [Guest post]

One of the hardest things for me, in my writing and my art (and heck, in my life, too!), has been learning to create for myself and no one else. This doesn’t mean ignoring other […]

Sep, 13

Art without sales is practice [Guest post]

Editor’s note: Please welcome our newest guest blogger, John Rorer. John brings a wide variety of professional knowledge and experience to the table. He will be periodically blogging on topics including accounting, bookkeeping and sales. […]

Aug, 26

Tools for contemplation and reconnection [Guest post]

There has been no greater gift that has come into my life than connecting with my inner artist.  When I discovered my personal joy in photography, it didn’t stop there; revelations of who I am […]

Aug, 19

My Art Aligned Toolkit: Part One [Tess, wrap-up]

Hello again. It’s Tess Pierson Kefalonitis, guest blogger. Eight weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a new Art Aligned workshop, aimed at artists who want to be business people, and actually make a […]

Aug, 09

Artists, empower yourselves [Guest post]

Art inspiration by Yvonne Lozano: I remember my new green shoes Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Yvonne Lozano. Artists need to empower themselves and not be so much at the mercy of others. […]

Aug, 05

Finding style, in fashion & photography [Tess, week five]

This is Tess Pierson, Art Aligned guest blogger, and I’d like to tell you a story. One of my sisters, let’s call her Sally, and I were attending the same meeting—rather a formal one. She […]

Jul, 27

Self-motivation and overcoming resistance [Tess, week four]

Editor’s Note: Tess, our guest blogger, is back! Enjoy her latest post below. Kate introduced the related topics of self-motivation and overcoming resistance this week. Both are critical to the ability to take action. Big […]

Jul, 20

Provocative philosophies on passion and profit, plus my latest mentoring and workshop offerings for visual arts and photographers.

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