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How to cultivate patrons

This weekend, while browsing the Celebration of Craftswomen in San Francisco, I was reminded of how you cultivate patrons, the people who are genuinely interested in what you’re doing, adore your work and consistently buy […]

Nov, 17

What we know vs. what we do

I was feeling blah for most of October. First, I had a cold, then I was tired all the time, and then I progressed to the full-on blahs and mehs…and I had no idea why. […]

Oct, 28

Boundaries: No one will enforce them for you

Part of being a small business owner is deciding what you will and won’t accept. Of course you want to please your customers, but you also have to define and defend your boundaries. I was […]

Sep, 02

Art without sales is practice [Guest post]

Editor’s note: Please welcome our newest guest blogger, John Rorer. John brings a wide variety of professional knowledge and experience to the table. He will be periodically blogging on topics including accounting, bookkeeping and sales. […]

Aug, 26

How to deal with dissatisfied clients

It happens to everyone. If it hasn’t yet happened to you, prepare yourself. There will come a time when one of your clients is dissatisfied. It may have just been a bad day, you may […]

Aug, 23

Celebrate Friday

“The human mind can conceive of a far larger to-do list than the human body is capable of implementing.” — Brian J. Watson (aka hubby) There, I just gave you permission (or maybe Brian did) […]

Aug, 12

My Art Aligned Toolkit: Part One [Tess, wrap-up]

Hello again. It’s Tess Pierson Kefalonitis, guest blogger. Eight weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a new Art Aligned workshop, aimed at artists who want to be business people, and actually make a […]

Aug, 09

Artists, empower yourselves [Guest post]

Art inspiration by Yvonne Lozano: I remember my new green shoes Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Yvonne Lozano. Artists need to empower themselves and not be so much at the mercy of others. […]

Aug, 05

Provocative philosophies on passion and profit, plus my latest mentoring and workshop offerings for visual arts and photographers.

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