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My wish for 2012

As we close out 2011 and look ahead to 2012, I’d like to leave you with a wish. This post began as my wish for photographers, but I’ve decided that this message goes beyond any […]

Dec, 28

The many hats we wear

Have you noticed how many of the inspiring women featured in our free guide, The Inspired Way, wear multiple hats? These amazing women are authors, coaches and artists; photographers, yoginis and founders of inspirational workshops…and that’s just in […]

Dec, 13

Need inspiration? How to find your inspired life

How do you live an inspired, purpose-driven life? A lot of people talk about finding your passion or living a life filled with purpose, but have you ever wondered how they really do it, or […]

Dec, 06

Your extraordinary photographs

As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I have been debating a friend about what makes a photograph: emotional quality, technical expertise or something else. I started by asking my husband and my father what photographs were […]

Dec, 03

Your most memorable photographs

I’ve been having a debate with a photographer friend about what makes a photograph. Not in the literal sense — I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of cameras — but what makes a photograph the amazing […]

Dec, 01

Provocative philosophies on passion and profit, plus my latest mentoring and workshop offerings for visual arts and photographers.

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