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When you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated

So, there I was, relaxing with a grande soy latte at Starbucks and reading my Blogshelf. It was meant to be a fun, little break from the daily routine. I checked out some artists I […]

Sep, 28

It’s Not About You [Guest post]

I wrote in my earlier guest post, “It’s All About You,” that the key to creative freedom is to disregard external motivations and listen only to what you want. That’s true, but it’s only part […]

Sep, 20

Photo Friday: Nick Brandt’s new work

One of the topics discussed in my workshop and a key focus for my work overall is developing a consistent, recognizable style. When sharing this subject, I always reference fine art photographer Nick Brandt, who […]

Sep, 16

It’s All About You [Guest post]

One of the hardest things for me, in my writing and my art (and heck, in my life, too!), has been learning to create for myself and no one else. This doesn’t mean ignoring other […]

Sep, 13

Praise & criticism: Why they’re not really about you

The other day, I received the following note: “I love these! Everyone is looking good, and the kids are so animated. Once again, LOVE these! Thanks for thinking of taking them that day.” Sounds good, right? […]

Sep, 09

O’Keeffe to Stieglitz: On preferring others’ work

“You will probably laugh when I tell you that I like your photographs of my drawings—much better than I do the drawings—I have been very much amused at the way I enjoy looking at them—really […]

Sep, 06

Boundaries: No one will enforce them for you

Part of being a small business owner is deciding what you will and won’t accept. Of course you want to please your customers, but you also have to define and defend your boundaries. I was […]

Sep, 02

Provocative philosophies on passion and profit, plus my latest mentoring and workshop offerings for visual arts and photographers.

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